iPhone are typically valuable and there are cases that its more vulnerable to any unintended accidents. In case you got a defective home buttons, wherein it’s not responsive, there are basic steps to consider before any repair for it. However if warranty is still valid, you can have them checked with the iphone service provider. .

If you have the unresponsive home touch for the iphone, which is more a year, with void warranty, you most likely need some quick fixes here. Warning: need an extra care in doing this so.

Calibrate – Most users eventually find that it’s merely a simple software glitch.  Calibrate the home button by clicking the clock icon on the stock app. Hold the sleep button and wait to find notification of “slide off to power”. Then, let the sleep button be released. Hold the home button while the app will close in 10 seconds. If not responding, restore the phone the do adjust the docking port.

Adjust docking port- If there’s misaligned docking port during usage, a chance is that it’s disoriented along with the home button. Repair shop will do a replacement but this can be tried: Use the USB to plug your iPhone then push the pin connector to push home button. Press the home button and remove the cable. Check on the status afterwards.

Clean- iPhone’s home button malfunctions due to several factors from pocket dirt, sticky hands, dirty environment, water or fluid splash and bacteria creating elements. With this, isopropyl alcohol and chemical-based cleanser could be of great help. Protect the screen by having tight cover to it.  Use cotton or tissue to dispense about couple of chemical drop directly on home button. Then tap the button with object which is narrow to let the chemical sink inside its frame. Clean and let the button dry. Check if the method works after about 15 minutes.

On-screen home button- Find the “Settings menu”, find general option, then “Accessibility”, and then click “Assistive Touch”. A small circle will appear while enabling the assistive touch.

For totally non-working and unresponsive home button, find a reliable technician for iphone repairs. Sydney repair technician can make it to you best by having onsite service.

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